Dear all students (third year students),
this is the learning materials for my lecture on this Friday. Hopefully that you can donwload it first. The hard copy will be available in the lecture. I also submitted some important links for your reading. I think that it will help you.

See you on Friday,
Ch. Yeni Kustanti


“Petunjuk Penulisan KTI Akper Bethesda”: petunjuk-penulisan-kti-akper-bethesda1

“Sistematika Penulisan”: sistematika-penulisan

“Harvard Referencing 2007, Curtin University of Technology” can be accessed from: Dichvu/trich%20dan_harvard.pdf

“Teknik Menulis Laporan Penelitian Karya Ilmiah, Nasin El-Kabumain” can be taken from:

“Membuat Latar Belakang Penelitian, Yudi Sutarso”: latar-belakang-penelitian

“Teknik Penulisan Pembahasan Karya Ilmiah, Urip Santoso”: penulisan-pembahasan

“Kesimpulan, Saran dan Abstrak, Endah Setyowati”: abstrak-kesimp-saran

“Fenomena Plagiarisme di Kalangan Mahasiswa, Dyah Aryati Setyawati” can be downloaded from: 28112007105729_FENOMENA_PLAGIARISME_writing.rtf

“Serba-serbi Skripsi, Balza Achmad”: plagiarisme

“The VAIL plagiarism tutorial”: