I came back again to my workplace. And I felt so sad…. There was no sign of life…. Where’s their smile? Where’s their happiness? Where’s their hope? Where’s…..?

So sad… I like to work. I love this job. However, what happen if I don’t feel anything? How can I get a new inspiration? Just think…. the responsibilities are too many. But, can we make it as simpler as possible? Does anyone has an idea to solve it?

Just think…… and think….. and think…… Should we give up? I’m sure that there must be many chances in the future…. But how can I change it? Oh…. many things in my head. It will make me so weight. If my head full, how can I find inspirations?

My friend took this picture when I was in Darwin beach. I looked at to the North, where’s Indonesia? I want to go home…. And then, I’m here now. So, I do think, just look at to the future and you’ll find your future. If you just look at the past, you wont’t get any success. 

So, CAIYOOOOOOOOOO………! Keep fight my friends!